Normally we turn to sports for exercise, to lessen boredom, de-stress or just socialize and have fun.

So we want to offer our players, of all age groups, an outlet while enhancing skills and maintaining social distancing.  This is a great opportunity to stay active!

With that said, we are incredibly excited to introduce our Classic Soccer League Skills Challenge!

The rules are simple:

  1. Watch this video
    • Some of these skills are challenging even for an advanced player
    • Select the set of skills that are realistic for your player
    • These are great for muscle memory development and gaining confidence with the ball at his/her feet
  2. Master as many of the skills demonstrated as possible
  3. Keep track on this checklist
  4. Record a video of yourself demonstrating the skill(s) you’ve  mastered
    • Each skill must be demonstrated for at least 10 seconds
  5. Email the video to LisleFCOffice@comcast.net (with your parents permission of course.)
    • Your player's FIRST and LAST name shall be in the Subject Line
    • Name the video file in this format: <FirstName>_<LastName>_<SkillMastered>
    • Add fun music to the video if you wish
      • (Disclaimer:  Your video may be uploaded to the club’s web or social media sites
  6. This Skills Challenge will conclude end of day Tuesday June 30, 2020

Earn prizes along the way upon reaching the milestones below.   Prizes will be delivered in July.

​CSL players who master any 5 of these skills will earn
  • CSL Bag Tag
​​​CSL players who master any 15 of these skills will earn
  • CSL Bag Tag
  • CSL Drawstring Sports Bag
​​​CSL players who master any 30 of these skills will earn
​​CSL players who master all 50 of these skills plus creates and names a unique 51st skill will earn

Thanks and have fun!