We encourage a certain style at Lisle FC. With a heavy focus on technical skills at an early age and more tactical at a later age.

However, we know that not all players are a the same skill level at each age. We encourage each player to push to their full potential and any player that exceeds our expectations at each age can start working on the skill sets for the age above them.

Academy (U6-U8)

​​Technical Focus​​​

High emphasis on technical abilities on both sides of the ball.​

Tactical Focus

​Introducing important parts of the game that might not necessary involve the ball at the kids feet. How to play the game, where to play the game, when to play the game, etc.


Rules of the Game

Ball Skills

Learning to be comfortable with the ball at your feet starts at the earliest of ages.​
Knowing how to play the game at this age is important to introduce. Certain terminolgy is expected to be learned:
  • Restarts
  • Throw-ins
  • Corner Kicks
  • Goal Kicks
  • Contact Fouls
  • Infractions​​
Passing skills are introduced and taught proper techniques

  • ​Pass w/ Instep of Strong & Weak Foot​
    • ​Body Shape
    • Technique
    • Weight
    • Importance of Passing Accuracy
    • Diagonal Passes

Playing Format​ (5v5)

What formation/shape should you expect?

  • GK, 2, 2 (Preferred)
  • GK, 1, 2, 1
  • Spacing, 5-Yards by 10-Yards
  • Regaining Shape
First touch is heavily emphasized 
  • ​Receiving w/ Instep of Strong & Weak Foot
    • Body Shape
    • Technique
    • First Touch
    • Diagonal Movement

Speed of Play

  • Keeping the Ball in Play
  • Quick Throw-ins
  • Quick Goal Kicks
  • Readiness - Sight of the Ball​



  • Body shape
  • Technique
  • Timing
  • Pressuring the ball​
  • Not diving in



Certain words are used that reference parts of the field or parts of the game

​Introduction to basic skills

  • Small, Simple & Accurate Passing
  • Ball Districbution from Feet
  • Ball Districbution from Hands
  • Touch Line, Halfway Line, Goal Line
  • Goal Box
  • Penalty Box
  • The 6
  • The 18
  • Diagonal
High School